Honeymoon Destination: The Lofts Boutique Hotel

Visiting The Lofts Boutique Hotel for your honeymoon sure is a unique experience.  The hotel is located on Thesen Islands in Knysna with 3 beautiful lagoon suites on the edge of the water.  What better way is there to wake up than feeling like your room has been transported to an island during the night?

the lofts boutique hotel, knysna, thesen islands, honeymoon, garden route, love, lagoon view room, on waters edge

A very relaxing feature is that the bath has a view of the lagoon.  Surrounding yourself with candles, bubbles and that view definitely relaxes any bride after the stress of planning their special day.

the lofts, boutique hotel, knysna, thesen harbour town, island, garden route, honeymoon destination

the lofts, boutique hotel, knysna, thesen harbour town, island, garden route, honeymoon destination, lagoon viewsthe lofts, boutique hotel, knysna, thesen harbour town, island, garden route, honeymoon destination, bath with lagoon view

The staff pride themselves in making your honeymoon experience what you envisioned with tailor made packages.  Requests for breakfast in bed, to sailing courses, to elephant rides as well as forest/beach picnic baskets can be arranged.

splash pool, the lofts, boutique hotel, Knysna lagoon views, knysna, thesen island, garden route, south africa, sunset view

The hotel also has several public areas to relax such as the splash pool, an honesty bar/lounge area, a quiet zone with unique books & full lagoon view on the 1st floor as well as another more private outside lounge area.

For more information or to book your customized honeymoon contact The Lofts Boutique Hotel.
Tel: +27(0)44 302 5710
Web: www.thelofts.co.za
Email:  reservations@thelofts.co.za
Facebook:  www.facebook.com/thelofts 

Emily Moon - Laurelle & Greg Stationary

Laurelle and Greg had an amazing wedding at Emily Moon.  Laurelle worked closely with Seven Swans to create the perfect look for her stationary design for her wedding day to ensure that the look and feel was pulled through from start to finish. 

Seven Swans did an amazing job and here’s what they designed for Laurelle and Greg for their special day.

wedding stationary designed by seven swans in blue, raspberry, green and soft pink

This is what Laurelle had to say about the amazing job Seven Swans did for them:

"You ladies have given me the best Christmas present ever! When the box arrived in my office I swear I felt like a kid on Christmas morning again! Scissors out and bubble wrap everywhere, I couldn’t wait to see just one (hopefully Greg will forgive me for opening them a little bit ahead of him)!! I was so touched by the hand written note in the box and the way the invitations were wrapped and presented. You guys are amazing and I couldn’t think of anyone better to work with on something so special."

DIY: Geometric Shapes

As you might know I had a very large geometric shape project that I assisted with and boy... did we work our fingers off.  We had little time and a lot of shapes to make and I can happily show you a fun DIY project to try. 

geometric shapes and cactus, florals, branches display at fancourt in george

Do note that if you decide to make a lot of them for an event or your wedding day to start early as these do take up a lot of your time.

Materials needed:
Glue (normal Pritt works perfectly)
Your choice of paper
Wool Needle

Before starting to DIY you will need to download these templates:

As found on Minieco.

Start to DIY:
Print out the shapes that you would like to fold onto your sheets of paper.

cutting out geometric shapes

Cut out the shapes and start folding these on the lines (this makes the glueing stage much easier).
Start glueing… best is to take it slow and to glue a part of the shape, leave the glue to dry for a short while and then to move onto the next part.

DIY geometric shapes

There are several ways to string these shapes but the easiest would be to glue the shapes directly onto the twine.
You can also make your own holes in the shapes with a knitting needle and thread the twine through with a wool needle. 

geometric shapes hand foldeddiy geometric shapes hanging from roof in display

Once all of this has been done you will have a beautiful DIY geometric feature to use for any occasion.

These Geometric Shapes were used by EcoZest for a function at Fancourt.

2014 Bridal Fashion in Color

Have you decided on your wedding colors? If you haven’t yet, you’re in luck. We’re barely two months into the New Year, which means a new season of swoon-worthy ideas.

Looks like 2014 will truly be a season of romance – weddings will have more colors, but more subdued, sweeter, and more heartfelt. A majority of experts who rule the fashion world attest to this. But of course, there are those who insist on having a different definition of “subdued” and “sweet.”

Incidentally, colored engagement rings [http://www.goldenet.com.au/blog/Diamond-Colors-as-a-Matter-of-Investment-and-Taste] have been making noise, too. Thanks to celebrities, the public now knows that diamonds aren’t always white. Now, many brides-to-be flash engagement rings in yellow, blue, purple, pink, black, and so on.

Maybe you’re among those who’d like to have the latest colors for their big day, from the engagement ring to the shoes. Or perhaps, you suddenly want to explore something different for this momentous day of your life. Whatever your reason, here’s a list of hues predicted to rule the wedding runway this season, in no particular order.

Pretty in Pink

Pink is making a grand comeback. The color may be enough to turn you into a blushing bride. Come to think of it, pink is a welcome respite to the traditional ivory or immaculate white dress. However, this year’s pink will be more on the lighter side, bordering towards nude, peach, or blush.

But if you want to add a bold edge to your motif, you could try a gown in a deep pink hue with subtle touches of light pink embellishments.

Elegant in Black and White

This high-contrast combination is something sophisticated brides love. Even if this color combo has been used time and again, it would probably never go out of style.

You can continue on what brides have been experimenting on – an all-white dress with black accents or and elegant black piece with embellishments in white. But brides are also encouraged to be more daring. For instance, you could add a vertical black panel on a simple gown of white silk. You could also go for a more unconventional style of black bodice and white skirt. One sexy idea is accentuating your traditional white gown with black lace.

Wintry Green is in

Winter weddings may be cold, literally, but you can add warmth to it by choosing a natural winter green hue as your base color or to match your white and ivory palette. Celadon is a unique shade that you can spice up with dusty accents like dainty flowers in blush and sage, which is just a darker shade of your main color.

It’s All in the Rose

Rose gold, that is. Gold and silver will always be closely associated to weddings, but modern brides might not want such old-school choices for their wedding. So if you want to add something glittery to your wedding colors, go for rose gold, a shade that’s neither gold nor copper. In jewelry talk, this color is achieved by mixing pure yellow gold with a high percentage of copper. Rose gold is actually also known as pink gold, so yes, pink is still in.

Coral’s Making It Big

Coral is a shade of orange, which almost looks like a pale variation of deep red and pink. It’s setting out to be a wedding color trend because of its festive vibe. It’s perfect for spring weddings, especially if you pair it with pale yellow.

Something Blue, You Say?

Blue is a color that’s always present in weddings. However, for 2014, two distinct shades of blue are standing out – cerulean and dusty blue. You could mix and match both shades, or you could opt for one and play it up with a complementary like silver (matte), yellow, or teal.

These six color trends will definitely help you choose the best color for your wedding. And while you’re at it, use this simple guide to help you find the perfect colored engagement ring, too – that is, if you don’t have one yet.

About the author
Sofia Angeli is a PR & communications consultant for companies in various industries. In particular, she brings her writing skills and passion for travel, culture, arts and lifestyle, including wedding planning and engagement rings [http://www.goldenet.com.au/engagement-rings/], to the online world.


As more and more people start using chalkboard's as signs, menu's and even photo-booth backdrops the more intricate the writing becomes.  I went to see a local calligrapher in Knysna to find out more about what they can do and it was very interesting.

This inspired me to show you some interesting ways in which a calligrapher can write your special day's chalkboards for you.

A beautiful wedding film!

I found this beautiful wedding film on Bridal Musings and could not skip this chance to share it with you!

This wedding film was created by Traci Griffin Photography and she worked with film maker Tony Benna to create this perfect film.

Please view the most beautiful wedding film ever by clicking here!

Metallic Cake's

I love the the right touch of shine and having a bit of metallic in your wedding cake is one of my favourite newest trends!  What do you think of this trend?

Images via Wedding Magazine